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Surfboard payments is a Swedish software company with 50 employees based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chennai, India. The company develops software-based payment solutions used in interactive screens facing consumers. All development has the customer journey in mind, for a user-friendly and identical experience on all devices. The dynamic and interactive screens allow merchants to market their business to the right consumer, at the right time, and at the right place. 

The company has also developed Surfpay that leverages your smartphone's NFC chip and enables you to receive contactless card payments using your phone. With the all-new Tap to Phone technology, your smartphone becomes your payment terminal.

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Abraham Asaph


Abraham has deep knowledge in tech and is currently living in Chennai, India. He is leading the entire tech team from there. Previously Abraham founded Skilled and he has also worked as a software architect.

Christopher Lindfeldt


Christopher has been working with payment solutions for many years. He was an executive director at Bambora before he founded Surfboard payments with Abraham.